Trike Models

RF1 ST-2 / ST-3


The RF1 ST will convince entry level riders and new trike enthusiasts to ride a three-wheeler. The extra-large Tourback trunk comes as a standard and enhances the triking experience with-out any compromise!

Available as 2- and 3-seater



The perfect idea of a trike - combining outstanding driving dynamics and aesthetic design. Due to the wide range of equipment, each RF1 can be configured individually.

Available as 2-seater

RF1 LT-2 / LT-3


The RF1 LT is especially popular among ambitious touring riders. Combined with its generous storage space, the LT gives excellent driving performance along with automatic comfort.

Available as 2- and 3-seater


More comfort, more design, more entertainment.
With their ʹTouringʹ models, rewaco opens a whole new chapter of touring adventure along with an outstanding look.

Available as 2-seater


No shifting - simply enjoying

The Mitsubishi 1.5 litre 4-cylinder in-line engine (VCT) is the heart of the latest rewaco trike generation. Together with Punch Powertrain‘s excellent automatic transmission, performance is confidently being brought onto the road. This drive system is ideal for cruising and touring enthusiasts who are looking for the perfect travelling experience and love variety.

The engine is available in three performance variants: 110 hp (81 kW), 140 hp (103 kW) and 177 hp (130 kW) - both latter versions come with a turbocharger.

If desired, the comfortable tourer can be turned into an incredible sportsman chasing the curves, simply by switching the power shifter on the handlebar to the ‘SP-Sports-Mode’.

81 kW (110 hp)

1,5 ltr. 4 cylinder in-line engine (VCT)
with 7-gear automatic transmission

Turbo 103 kW (140 hp)

1,5 ltr. 4 cylinder in-line engine (VCT)
with 7-gear automatic transmission


Turbo+ 130 kW (177 hp)

1,5 ltr. 4 cylinder in-line engine (VCT)
with 8-gear automatic transmission

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