rewaco Trike Models 2024



30 years of experience make the PUR3 GT the rewaco model with the most intensive development with the aim of building the best rewaco trike ever.



PUR3 Explorer

Discover the world the way you want it!


The rewaco PUR3 Explorer dares to break new ground. No frills. Pure trike!
Configure your PUR3 Explorer now in all main colors and also as a Touring variant!

RF1 GT 2024

The consummate idea of a trike - to combine outstanding driving dynamics and aesthetic design.
Thanks to the wide range of equipment, each RF1 can be individually configured.

Now also new with hinged body, new body design and much more!


The RF1 ST combines sporty design with plenty of storage space. With the largest trunk of the RF1 series, as well as the optional side cases (ST-2 only), it offers unprecedented space for everything you need on extended tours alone, in pairs or in threes.

Available as 2 and 3 seater


Don't switch gears - just enjoy!

The 1.5 Ltr. 4-cylinder in-line engine (EURO5) forms the heart of the latest rewaco trike generation. Together with the advanced automatic transmission from Punch Powertrain, the power is confidently brought to the road.

This drive is ideal for cruisers and touring enthusiasts who are looking for the perfect travel experience and love variety.

Available in the power variants 110 hp (81 kW), as well as 140 hp (103 kW) and 177 hp (130 kW) - both with turbocharger. With the power shifter on the handlebars, the relaxed tourer can be turned into a super sports car for cornering in "SP sport mode" on request!

81 kW (110 hp)

1,5 Ltr. 4-cylinder in-line engine
with 7-speed automatic transmission

Turbo 103 kW (140 hp)

1,5 Ltr. 4-cylinder in-line engine
with 7-speed automatic transmission


Turbo+ 130 kW (177 hp)

1,5 Ltr. 4-cylinder in-line engine
with 8-speed automatic transmission