The 1.5 Ltr. 4 cylinder in-line engine (VCT) represents the central element. Together with its advanced 7 speed automatic gearbox by Punch Powertrain, it brings power to the road.

No need to shift gears – enjoy only. This drive is excellent for cruisers and tour fans, for those who look for the perfect travel experience and love diversity. Available in both performance versions 110 HP (81 kW) and 140 HP (103 kW) with a supercharger.

The handlebar’s optional Power-Shifter enables the "SP-Sport-Mode" which can turn "a soft lamb to a speedy wolf!"

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Technical Data
1.5 ltr. (VCT) Mitsubishi with 7-gear automatic transmission
Engine data 1.5 Ltr. ATM
(81 kW / 110 hp)
1.5 Ltr. ATM Turbo
(103 kW / 140 hp)

Manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors
Engine Liquid-cooled 4-cylinder in-line engine (VCT)
Displacement ccm 1499 1499
Max engine torque at RPM 81 kW / 6000 103 kW / 6000
Max engine torque at RPM 145 Nm / 4000 210 Nm / 3500
Manufacturer Punch Powertrain nv
Transmission 7-gear automatic transmission
with reverse gear, rear-wheel drive
Gear change automatic or with Power-Shifter at the gear stick
(optional: Power-Shifter on the handle bar)
Maximum Speed
Max. Speed in (km/h) 165 175
Acceleration 0-100 (sec) 7,2 5,9
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(Punch Powertrain / 3:14 min / YouTube)
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